Velocity = Speed + Direction

At PEO Velocity, our focus is on helping you leverage healthcare to grow your PEO in the right direction.  We are making it simple for you to focus on your business by bundling services, reporting deliverables, technology, and expertise all under one experience – Velocity. Our proprietary technology provides you with the analytics you need to make the best decisions possible. Our underwriting and actuarial methods are designed by seasoned professionals who have been in your shoes. You deserve to work with the best in the business.

We will help you manage it effectively using the following components:


1) Entry Underwriting - accurate entry underwriting allows for (you/us) to price business correctly up-front.

2) Ongoing Risk Assessment - helps you to understand your ongoing risk and allows for us to stay on top of any possible shifts in risk.

3) Renewal Underwriting & Support - thorough and thoughtful renewal pricing keeps client's prices aligned with risk

4) Continuous Process Improvement - provides feedback to ensure underwriting is aligned to the realities of the market and risk pool.

All of these tasks are calibrated to fit your unique sales and growth goals!