Entry Underwriting

Customized to fit your plan

Accurate entry underwriting allows you to price business correctly up-front.

Service Delivery Options

With PEO Velocity, we offer a spectrum of service delivery options for entry underwriting to meet your specific needs.  This includes service delivery options from self-service entry underwriting to fully outsourced underwriting.

Documents & Forms

  • Personal Health Questionnaires (2-25 employees, outsourced only)
  • Group Health Questionnaires & Rate History
  • Current Census
  • Actual Experience (when available)


Let our technology platform support your entry underwriting process.  Our technology includes:

  • Cloud-based self-service underwriting, pricing, parity and contribution modeling
  • Online forms that allow for easy distribution and collection of personal/general health questionnaires
  • Technology & Process integrations with other leading PEO industry technology companies

Risk & Parity Tool (RAPT)

Our cloud-based online pricing, parity and sales tool can be leveraged to support your self-service entry underwriting.  Components of the tool include:

  • Pricing & optional self-service underwriting
  • Parity & plan comparison
  • Client-facing sales documents
  • Client contribution modeling
  • Integrations with PEO industry technology companies